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I sold the RT and kept the fender extender. This is made by Machine Art Moto. Their design is the best as there is no drilling required. New this is $79 plus shipping. I will sell for $40

The front fender of the liquid cooled R1200RT is very short exposing much of the silver painted front engine cover to rocks, tar, and debris thrown back by the front tire.  The Avant 12RT_LC design adds 6" of extra front fender length and 2" more width than the stock fender to effectively reduce mud, water, tar, and rock splash back onto the engine, pipes, and surrounding components. The Avant RT_LC helps protect the engine surfaces and keep them looking new longer.[/font]
A key feature of the whole Avant line is ease of installation with no hole drilling required in your brand new purchase. It is simple to install and looks beautifully integrated with the styling of the new RT. The Avant fits over the top of the stock RT fender and engages the trailing end with a unique molded-in saddle. Two stainless steel compression clamps grip the underside of the stock fender on two sides, drawn tight with T25 Torx Head screws.  [/font]

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