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The first fault on my 2018MY RT occured yesterday with 11k miles on the odometer.
 50 miles into the journey and travelling at about 40mph, the engine noticeably lost power and the engine management light came on. Pulled over and the engine tick over was slightly higher than normal. I turned off the engine, restarted and all was well for the remaining 150 miles with no further incidents or faults indicated.
When I checked for system faults with Motoscan, the only fault present was 3A1452. Anybody got any ideas or similar experiences?

Have a 2015 R1200RT and will be replacing the left valve cover gasket, have a bit of oil leaking.
Question: After thoroughly cleaning both sealing surfaces (engine side and cover side) does anyone recommend an additional sealant?  Like Permatex, or similar products.  I have OEM gasket kit coming on order.
Cheers from the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State, USA.
Has anyone experienced an issue with the nav IV on a 2013 RT?

I have noticed that when turning the bike off the accessory circuit should shut down after a couple of minutes.
But if the sat nav is in the mount and on, I holds the circuit on for ages, sometimes 30 minutes or more.
If I switch the nav off, the bike suits down no problem every time, but if I leave sat nav on so it should power down when the accessory circuit shuts down about 50% of the time it holds the circuit live.
Is this been mentioned before and is there some magic to remedy it?

BMW R 1200RT GPS / Re: Garmin Express update
« Last post by jjwill onYesterday at 21:15 »
Windows 10 and updated. Thanks
BMW R 1200RT General Discussions / Re: Jumped the other way
« Last post by Old-Git onYesterday at 15:19 »
Good choice. I want to get my 500 bullet sorted out this winter (wiring loom issues and recommisionning for the road) and then trade for an Interceptor.
BMW R 1200RT Maintenance / Torin 1500 lb jack. Ok for 1200 RT?
« Last post by Bobf onYesterday at 14:32 »
Will a Torin 1500 lb  jack work for my 1200 RT?
See pics
Is it worth reconsidering or doing something else.
BMW R 1200RT GPS / Re: Garmin Express update
« Last post by David. onYesterday at 10:39 »
Once again, had to uninstall v6.16.1.0, got a message "Microsoft.NET Framework required for Garmin Express setup". Something to do with Windows 7, when I'm on Windows 10, it's beyond me.

The GE System Requirements for Windows are, "Windows 7 SP1 or newer, Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 (included)"

Successfully downloaded Garmin Express v6.17.0.0 from Garmin website.
Have you considered just looking for a dedicated backrest for your model bike? I have no idea if they exist or not, but ya never know!

They do exist

The are available from sportstouring in the UK but you can probably buy a second hand toolbox for the same price
Paint two targets with crosshairs on the back of your jacket, just a bit below your shoulder blades, with the advice to: "Place boobs here!"

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