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    All of you - read this - Site Conduct
    « on: 2017-03-26 09:26:39 »

    I have long been quiet and hoped that this site would mature into a nice and polite place for everyone.
    Not so - we now lose more members than we get - and that situation tells me that I need to do something.

    I am not looking for 1 person or 10 people - this applies to each and every one of us - me too !!!!!!

    * You need to dig deep into the system to find a single thread that is not hijacked into a completely different topic after 3-4 posts.
    * Some of you are unable to agree to disagree with anyone
    * Some of you absolutely need to comment on everything - even if you are not contributing at all to the subject.
    * Some of you - are not able to see that someone has a different meaning than yourself - at all.

    I use color as an example here ...
    If someone is posting a message, he has got a new red bike - and asks for help on the dashboard - 10 of the comments are about the color of the bike.
    Someone are writing - why did you buy the 2009 bike - it's the worst model of the year for that bike - all kinds of bad things can happen with it ...

    This person is proud of his "new" bike - and is not interested in your comment on what you think of the color ...
    He asks if anyone can help him with an instrument cluster problem (for "he" this is the challenge)

    Yes - he could have read all 20 thousand messages here - yes he could have read the manual - more than he has done - and yes - it's a zillion thing he could have done ...
    If you have nothing useful to say directly about / on their question - DO NOT say / write it

    If anyone asks - what is your experience with something (tire - again) - well, you are more than welcome to write / comment on it - but look at what the question is about.

    And so on ... - you understand what I'm trying to say ...

    Another (important) thing - not everyone has English as their native language - like me - and I really have a problem figuring out if a comment is well thought out or not sometimes.

    Sometimes you forget that not everyone understands your "jokes" in English - even having problems sometimes seeing that there is a joke at all

    I left a site - and started this one - just because I got something "for me at least" nasty comments when I asked one for me - currently important questions.
    Like - If you do not understand the manual - you should probably not drive a motorcycle at all; (

    Now - we're heading into something similar on this site - and it's not going to happen.

    If you do not understand why I am writing this - you probably need to reassess why you are here at all.

    So have some consideration before posting / answering / commenting - if this thread can really benefit from this comment - if not - DO NOT post it.

    And if this doesn't mean a finer way to deal with people, I'll turn this site down - easily

    I also gently asking you to include modell and year of the bike you are asking help for or having comments about !!!


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