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    All of you - read this - Site Conduct
    « on: 2017-03-26 09:26:39 »
    I have been sitting quiet for a long time - hoping that this site would mature into a nice and polite site for everyone.

    Not so - we are now loosing more members than we are gaining - and that dos tell me that I need to do something.

    I’m not looking for one person or 10 persons - this dos concern every one of us - me included !!!!!!

    * You will have to dig deep into the system to find a single thread  that is not hijacked into something totally different subject after 3-4 postings.
    * Some of you are not able to agree to disagree to anything
    * Some of you absolutely needs to comment on everything - even if you are not contributing at all to the subject.
    * Some of you - are not able to see that someone has another meaning that your selves - in what ever matter. 

    I’m using colour as an example here …
    If someone makes a posting on that he has got him selves a new red bike - and asking for help on the instrument panel - 10 of are commenting on the colour of the bike.

    Even writing - why on earth did you bay a 2009 bike - thats the worst year of the bike - all kind of bad thing could happened with it …

    This person is proud of his “new”  bike - and are not interested at all in what you think bout the colour …
    He is kindly  asking a question if someone could help him with an instrument cluster problem (for him it is) 

    Yes - he could have read all 20’ messages - yes he could hav red the manual - more than ones - and yes - there is a zillion of things he could have done …

    If you don’t have anything useful to say directly about/on  his question - DON’T say/write  it

    If someone do ask - what is your experience about something (tires - again) - well you are more than welcome to write/comment on it - but then on what the question is about.

    And so on … - you get what I try to say …

    Another (Important) thing - not everyone has English as native language - like me - and I really do have a problem in finding out if a comment is well ment or not.

    Sometimes you are forgetting that not everyone do understand your “jokes” in english   - even have problems to see that it is a joke at all

    I left another board - and started this one - just because I got some “for me at least” nasty comments when I was asking a for me at that moment important question.
    Like - If you don’t understand the manual - you probably shouldn’t ride a motorbike at all ;(

    Now - we are on it’s way into something similar on this site - and that will not happened.

    If you don’t understand why I’m writing this - you probably need to rethink why you are here at all.

    So - rethink before posting/replying/commenting - dos this thread really benefit from this comment - if not - DON’T post it. 

    And if this is not finding a nicer way of handling people - I will turn the site down - easy as that


    (No need to comment on this posting)

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