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    Do you have an opinion on running with a professionally plugged tyre to the end of a tyre's life? The BMW tech stressed on plugging my tyre that it is only a temporary repair with restrictions on distance and speed. I had to sign a waiver accepting that. Off the record he admitted that many people ignore that advice. Obviously avoiding litigation is high on their list but self preservation is high on mine, and although in no way tight, I don't wish to spend money unnecessarily.
    My mate had the same but his tech said the repair was good for the life of the tyre although I suspect he would have had to sign the same waiver.


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      Re: Plugs
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      You can never be too careful when it comes to tyres..  Something has been forced into the structure of the tyre initially to cause the puncture, then comes along Malcolm and his windy drill and cut his way through the chords of the tyre before shoving a plug in it and saying "there you go mate, good as new, but can you sign this disclaimer?"

      Ideal in an emergency ride at lower speeds, personally I'd replace it asap.
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        Re: Plugs
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        IMO, a plug fitted from the outside of the tyre is a temporary repair only. The tyre should be removed and inspected from the inside for any unseen damage.
        If deemed safe to repair, a permanent plug/patch can be fitted on the inside and then yes, I'd be happy to use it to the end of the tyre life.

        Each tyre manufacturer seems to have it's own take on what repairs are classed as temporary, permanent and most importantly safe.

        "Metzeler, offer an opinion that’s more in line with what consumers would hope to hear: Yes, punctures can be plugged in an emergency situation, and a repair that both fills the wound (plug) and seals the damage (patch) that is installed by a professional can even be considered permanent if specific criteria are met."

        "Metzeler, and the RMA (the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association, the nation’s preeminent voice on the topic of tires) all agree that a combined plug/patch applied from the inside of the tire is the only acceptable permanent repair."
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