Author Topic: 2009 R1200RT Riding comfort issues  (Read 993 times)

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    Re: 2009 R1200RT Riding comfort issues
    « Reply #15 on: 2019-02-01 07:24:55 »
    A thought - others have found this helpful: Try rolling your hips forward so that your coccyx ('tail') is pointing in the direction of the rear licence plate. This may be especially helpful if you remove the bar risers because you will end up closer to the bars. The posture may feel unnatural at first, and it may take a while for the appropriate muscles to strengthen, but if it is a viable solution (and a free solution)...!

    Similar position to the "Master Yoda Riding position" I saw in a thread somewhere. Practiced it a lot and yes it does help.

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      Re: 2009 R1200RT Riding comfort issues
      « Reply #16 on: 2019-02-06 21:31:54 »
      I did try that....problem is that I'm 58 and my nuts hang to my knee's. That would require a major adjustment each time I saddled up and you cannot always do so in public :) ...I'm trying to stretch my hip flexors twice daily and it's getting better.
      Thanks for all of your input!


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        Re: 2009 R1200RT Riding comfort issues
        « Reply #17 on: 2019-02-06 22:10:55 »
        I'm also beginning to have hip flexor problems (aged 68),and since I get a flexor twinge on "getting a leg over" getting on and off the bike,  I've taken to mounting/dismounting as if getting on a horse:  I step on the front peg, straighten up and swing the trailing leg over.  Too early to tell if it will improve the problem, but at least I avoid the twinges.  It's a tall bike, and I don't think I'd be getting this pain on a lower bike (the seemed to crop up when I got the RT).  I rode 10,000 miles this summer without problems, so I don't think that it is the position of the pegs/legs while riding.  Giddyup!