Author Topic: DIY Wethead Cam Chain Tensioner Tool  (Read 117 times)

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    DIY Wethead Cam Chain Tensioner Tool
    « on: 2019-03-15 14:39:56 »
       I finally came up with a DIY replacement tool for the OEM tool that some folks are having trouble finding.
    This tool is a replacement for BMW part #83300444292 needed for the proper checking of the cam timing on the 12k/20k KM service.
     The sacrificial cam chain tensioner I used came from an Oil Head, but only the RH side is similar to what is used in our WetHead engines. Be sure to read the "Show More" section of the video for the BMW part # of a pair of complete tensioners that fit our bike if you would like to just get 2 of them and know that you have one that will work for sure and also have one to share with a friend. (about $94USD/pair now)

    For this to work correctly, I think you need to duplicate my dimensions/effort very closely since this requires reliability. If not, you will need to go thru all the proving work comparing the OEM tool listed above to what I have fabricated...have at it if you change things.

    There are lots of ways to accomplish things, but when the OEM tool listed above is not available, this will duplicate what the OEM tool does and let you complete the 12kMILES/20kKM service of the cam timing check.

     My YouTube Channel also has a series of 6 videos produced with Chris on the Street covering most, but not all, of the 12k/20k KM service for the WetHead bikes.