Author Topic: Metzeler Z8 - no repair?  (Read 414 times)

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    Metzeler Z8 - no repair?
    « on: 2019-06-08 21:42:37 »
    Hi Guys, (and Gals, if there are any!),

    I've recently had a new Metzeler Z8 fitted to my spare rear wheel. I was swapping wheels, getting my bike set up for a forthcoming trip to Austria and I've just noticed that the 'small print' on the sidewall of the tyre says 'repairs of this motorcycle tyres is not recommended'  ??? . I've not heard of this policy before.

    I routinely carry a 'Stop 'n' Go' plug kit and a small compressor, as a get-me-home measure, but depending on the location and severity of the puncture, I'd be happy to have a subsequent permanent vulcanised patch repair done.

    The tyre is a 'Made in Germany' Metzeler Z8, 'O' spec for heavy bike use and is date coded as week 27 of 2017 manufacture.

    Anybody have any comments? I know that some riders would never use a repaired tyre, that's their choice and I accept that, but for a manufacturer to effectively prohibit any repair is a new one on me.
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      Re: Metzeler Z8 - no repair?
      « Reply #1 on: 2019-06-08 22:56:54 »
      It wouldn't bother me a jot having it repaired. If the repair of Z-rated tyres was such an issue, we'd be reading about accidents caused by such repairs failing - we dont because there aren't any such reports. Tyre manufacturers will say it's 'not recommended' to cover their collective backsides (although Michelin always used to allow repairs to their Z-rated tyres, within certain parameters),  BSAUu159/f says they shouldn't be repaired....but it's not 'the law', it's advice, although I've no doubt if things went horribly wrong should a repiar fail, that advice would rear its head pretty sharpish!

      Some people lose sleep over things like this - I'm not one of them!  :)