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    starting problem
    « on: 2020-02-07 12:32:14 »
    So to update. My 2005 has been sluggish starting as long as I've owned it, even with a new fully charged battery.  this week it refused to start at all, so I decided to remove the statrter motorand inspect it. As suspected the bendix was caked with clutch dust and tight to turn. Lokked into a new or replacement motor, then found a local company, Auto electrics Redditch) Ltd, 241 Birmingham Road, Enfield, Redditch, B976EH, 01527598800. They tested and stripped my motor, diagnosed a faulty solenoid and rebuilt it with new bearings and soleniod for £85.00 plus VAT. So, for the price of a second hand motor I've got an, as new, starter motor.
    Fitted it to the bike, pressed the button and.......... nothing!
    So bypassed the wiring with jump leads from the Battery to the starter + terminal and still nothing (despite my Oxford optimizer indicating the battery to be fully charged). Attached the jump leads to the car battery and bingo everything worked. It appears the battery was indeed almost flat, despite being wired to the optimizer. I suspect the optimizer has been discharging the battery rather than charging it. Ran the engine for half an hour, tried starter again and fired up immediately, left it overnight at almost 0 degree centigrade and again started immediately.
    next is to investigate the optimizer.
    Happy days