Author Topic: I highly recommend you do not buy Pirelli Angel GT II. . .  (Read 386 times)

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    RE:  Pirelli Angel GT II 120/70ZR17 A-Spec Front

    Mounted and balanced the above referenced tire on October 1st 2019, and after 4,751 miles the result is in the attached pics.  The excessive wear on the left side of the tire is unexplained, and I would not expect this amount of excessive tire wear from the drain-off angles of american streets.  I found this defect the hard way, was doing a left sweeper hit a patch of water and my front slid out.  Although I recovered, is was a close call.  I pulled over and noticed the incredibly uneven wear.  Here's what I did after I noticed the excessive wear:
    -Pulled over, re-inspected front tire, went straight home (5 hour trip)
    -Validated consistent tire pressure through my GS-911 and onboard R1200RT LC TPMS.  Results; never below 36 PSI, never above 39 PSI.  Confirmed this is within spec'
    -Validated front axle bearings were not damaged, or worn
    -Confirmed front fork spring rate, fluid equalization, check
    -Confirmed triple-tree bearings were sound, check
    -Confirmed equal pressure on front disks/rotors
    Results:  no bike issues that would cause this level of wear on just the left side of a front tire with such a short amount of mileage

    I'm not a hard rider, and thought I better share this so no one makes the same mistake on this inferior equipment like I did.  Avoid the Pirelli Angel GT II's please

    Notice the right side of the tires aren't even down to the wear indicators, this is what you would expect from 4,571 miles.  Same with the center track.  One pic you can see the radials starting to be exposed (three lines)

    Just installed Dunlops RoadSmart III's, we'll see what happens with them

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      Very odd ware.  Is something rubbing on it   fender extender or something?


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        Strange wear pattern going on there?? You should be checking your tyre's more often though. I tend to have a glance at them every time I throw my leg over the bike, you obviously don't. Thanks for your advice though. 👍
        The GS 'is' the better bike :-)


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          In the poll of tyres fitted to RT's, only 1 out of 31 members who've voted have Pirelli Angel GT2's fitted.



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            Are the tyres recommended for a heavy bike like the RT?  Usually the tyres are either GT or HWM fitments I think.


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              Pirelli says that the Angel GT "A Spec" tire "represents a dual-ply carcass for Touring Models or heavily loaded 2 up riding."