Author Topic: Has anyone managed to pair a TomTom rider 550 with BMW intercom  (Read 237 times)

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OfflineNick Evans

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    Does what it says on the tin. I can't pair my new(to me) Rider 550 with my System 6 helmet intercom. TomTom tech support is next to useless, I wonder if there is anyone out there who has a bit of wisdom. Of course I found this out after I had listed my Nav V on ebay and now it has gone to Latvia.

    OnlinePeter Baker

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      I have not had a TomTom but what I can say is the BMW intercom systems are incredibly fussy for a Bluetooth device!  To get it to connect to my Nav V & VI devices in the past I had to try many many times, up to 40-50 attempts sometimes.  Worth trying these things: making sure it is the ONLY Bluetooth device on and in range when doing the pairing (had to turn my phone/TV/PC Bluetooth off as their signals were stronger than the helmet); Turning it off and on every few attempts and of course clearing all the old pairings.  I found the BMW Communicator System very fussy to get connected so keep trying:-) The good news is when it is connected I never had a problem with it re-establishing connection or getting disconnected...  Hope that helps, Peter