Author Topic: Newb looking to hear from people who have switched from GS/A to an RT  (Read 224 times)

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    I'm a newbie to this forum and my specific reason for being here is to read what others are saying that have moved from a GS/A to an RT.  I live in North Georgia (US) and we have a bunch of curvy roads around here.  I currently own a 2019 GS (I had a 2019 GSA that got totaled in an accident) however I'm going to soon need a bike more adept at interstate riding.  I 'know' that realistically the RT is the better bike but the GS/A is such a great allrounder.  Plus, I have a real concern for how hot I'll be during the hot and humid summer months.  The only time I go off-road is when I'm on a road that happens to not be paved lol.  I've already seen some comments from others about this and generally folks seem to be happy about the change and I will keep reading to gain insight.  Feel free to share any of your own thoughts about moving from a GS/A to an RT.  If I'm to get an RT, I'll wait until the 2021 is out and I'll be honest, that screen is fabulous.  I feel BMW Connected is far easier to work with than deal with my Garmin Nav6/Basecamp.  Also, no real interest in owning 2 bikes so I need 1 good one.  It's likely going to come down to the new GSA or RT although going the GSA route means still dealing with a nav device for onscreen maps.My bike ownership experience has included: Big touring Harleys, Ducati Multistrada, Triumph Speed Triple, Hexhead RT, GSA and now currently a GS.


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      Well - if you were able to mate a Multistrada with a big, touring Harley the love child would be an RT. What else do you want to know?
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        You'd be better off sticking with a GS.... RT's are for chubby folk and pensioners.  8)
        The GS 'is' the better bike :-)


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          Try this you tube  
          (GS vs RT ) by a GS owner reviewing an RT for comparison. I have just swapped a K1200gt for a new R1250RT. The RT has a shorter wheelbase than the K which makes it more manoeuvrable. On the RT with the screen up plenty of weather protection , screen down plenty of air. Surprisingly the new RT has the same 0-60 mph time as the K1200 i.e 3.2 seconds.
          This you tube shows what the police can do with them:
          Hope this helps

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