Author Topic: Muffler replacement question... & removing Akrapovic sticker?  (Read 385 times)

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    Thanks to some excessively high wind at the weekend, my RT, parked on its side stand, fell over and damaged an expensive list of parts including the muffler.

    The easy but painfully expensive option is simply to buy a new stock one.  The second possibility is to look for a pristine-and-perfect used one, which can usually be found without huge difficulty, and probably quite reasonably priced.

    I'm also thinking about an Akrapovic, but I would only put one of those on the bike if I can remove the sticker.  I've taken a bazillion stickers off just about everything you can think of, with the exception of a heat resistant sticker on a titanium muffler.  Doing it badly and scratching the muffler would look really ugly - but I'm not impressed with the look of the sticker either. 

    Does anyone know from personal and first hand experience (rather than something that someone had said) what definitely works to remove the sticker?

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