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    Converting an RTP for 2up
    « on: 2022-03-18 04:24:25 »

    I’ve done some research and I think I know what I need but I have a handful of remaining questions:

    1- can the fat touring saddle be used with a pillion seat?

    2- will the passenger be extremely cramped on the pegs with the service duty panniers? Photos seem to suggest so. My pillion has smaller feet so maybe ok?

    3- I read that the front spring is HD to account for the weight of the secondary battery. I’m 215 lbs in my socks. If I remove it will I find the front end harsh?

    I’m laughing at myself that this would be my first post. Of course I would buy a project.

    I’m open to any sources for inexpensive parts, helpful links, etc.

    I’m also curious- BMW equips these bikes with police lights and all from the factory. The original owner was a cycling moto-ref and supposedly bought it out of a warehouse in NJ as a crate bike. Seeing as there are no holes for light modules in the rear trunk/seat cowl/hump, is it possible there is another designation for service duty bikes than police units or perhaps he simply opted to not have them installed. I just thought I saw reference to the idea online.

    Thank you for any/all info!


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      Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
      « Reply #1 on: 2022-03-18 10:30:32 »
      Found this video which might be helpful, Police Bike to Civilian Bike Project - YouTube

      1 - Don't know what a fat touring saddle is but it shows a rider and pillion seat being used together.

      2 - To fit passenger pegs, it looks like the rear crash bars/pannier racks need to be removed.

      3 - The weight of the battery is ~14 lbs, if the rider was this much heavier, would the front spring be HD.

      From the photos I've see of the rear, any additional lighting modules are bracketed to the bike without making holes in the rear trunk/seat cowl/hump.
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        Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
        « Reply #2 on: 2022-03-18 17:12:24 »
        Seen someone at my local bike cafe who converted a Pold bike to a civvy bike. He said the biggest problem was fitting a pillion seat. The first was compared to a standard bike the panniers are mounted more forward hence the lack of legroom on the Police bike. He had to buy lots of parts to fit normal panniers and on removing the seat hump box he also needed the parts for the locking mechanism and the frame panels etc. The Pold seat can be kept as it is a standard front seat. He bought 99% of the parts used from eBay but said it wasn't a cheap job to do
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          Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
          « Reply #3 on: 2022-03-18 18:33:16 »
          Front spring is HD due to all the agressive and numerous stop/starts done expected in police driving, not to ofset the battery weight.

          The metro panniers are longer and more forward than regular - everything I've seen says that they will interfere with passenger.

          Not all authority bikes are ordered or come from the factory with light pods. Looks like yours was one of those as I don't see any holes for the pods.


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            Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
            « Reply #4 on: 2022-03-18 23:26:43 »
            I own a 2006 RTP ex Strathclyde Police in Scotland. It wasn't converted by me but it was the previous owner, he said as much as he enjoyed converting it, he wouldn't do another conversion. My bike has the full bmw luggage not the police issue small cases.

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              Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
              « Reply #5 on: 2022-03-19 18:49:20 »
              Thanks for all the insight. Thinking either move the factory bags back somehow or I have a quick release kit for DIY applications (like mounting pelican cases). I have some airhead Krauser bags that might fit the bill. Either that or I’ll try to source some crashed bags to refurbish.


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                Re: Converting an RTP for 2up
                « Reply #6 on: 2022-05-13 10:22:50 »
                I converted my R1200RTP back to civillian, this was my parts list which I eventually sourced outside of the UK from a country that doesn't use RTP models, that way prices are not at a premium.


                46547699903      Case Holder Left
                46547699904      Case Holder Right
                07129904588      M6X16-8.8-ZNS3 We need 8
                            Rear seat pod lock release  £20.00
                46547681144      Luggage rack
                46547681147      Left rear handle
                46547681148      Right rear handle
                46712310403      Foot rest rear left         £25.00   
                46712310404      Foot rest rear right      £25.00
                46717664225      Foot rest rubber We need 2   £ 8.00 EA
                46627692858      License plate holder      £45.00
                46627682759      Rear tray               £25.00
                71607694184      Rear mudguard            £30.00

                This is the list of parts I purchased:
                1. Seat heated, black rear   (part no. 52537683652)
                2. Adapter cable for seat heater, rear   (61127688147)
                3. Rear seat lock (?)
                4. Luggage grid (46547681144)
                5. HANDLE REAR LEFT   (46547681147)
                6. HANDLE REAR RIGHT (46547681148)
                7. Pannier holder left (46547699903)
                8. Pannier holder right   (46547699904)
                9. Footrest rear left   (46712310403)
                10. Footrest rear right (46712310404)
                11. Pin   x2   (46717654258)
                12. Circlip   x2   (07119901545)
                13. Footrest rubber   x2   (46717664225)

                14. Pannier back half, with fittings left (46547714437)
                15. Pannier lid left (46547679271)
                16. Pannier back half, with fittings right (71607699902)
                17. Pannier lid right   (46547679272)