Author Topic: What does the DRL button actually do?  (Read 240 times)

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    What does the DRL button actually do?
    « on: 2022-04-16 13:05:55 »
    I've a UK spec 2018 1200RT, and was playing with the DRL button yesterday while parked up with the engine running. All I could discover is that when you press it, the little green indicator lamp comes on in the dash, and another press turns it off. No difference as far as I can tell to the lights themselves, in both cases the 2 round led owl eyes lights were on, along with the middle halogen dipped beam.

    What is supposed to happen? And how does the menu setting Vehicle-> DRL -> Automatic/Off operate in conjunction with the handlebar switch?

    I'm none the wiser after reading the manual!


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      Re: What does the DRL button actually do?
      « Reply #1 on: 2022-04-16 13:51:48 »
      So my understanding is you switch the DRL (angel eyes) on and off via the vehicle menu. In France it is illegal to run with just the Angel Eyes, you must have your dipped headlight on, so most switch off DRL. The DRL is not switched on and off by any buttons on the switch gear, if you are seeing a green light, I think you are switching your aux lights on and off. This is theory as I have never played with it and I can't be bothered to go and check on my bike at the moment :)  Just thought if you are not switching on the aux lights, you might be switching the lights from auto to manual as well, auto means when it gets dark they auto switch on dipped headlines instead of just angel eyes.
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      Re: What does the DRL button actually do?
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      DRL button?

      or the headlight button?

      If you have the auto headlights and if the headlights where on when you was already pressing it then nothing will change except for the headlight symbol on the dash with an "A" on it will go on and off

      if the headlights are off and you just have the halo's on then pressing the button will put the headlights on

      Also if you have fog lights fitted these will only work with the headlights turned on too