Oil leak at rear of engine

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Re: Oil leak at rear of engine

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I asked again about warranties when I picked up my bike on Saturday...No Go here in the US.

The good news is that I got it in quick enough so that there was no damage to any of the Clutch Works so I saved money there. They ended up changing The Rear Main and Shaft seals, the Clutch Output Cylinder as it was showing signs of rust and a broken exhaust mount. The Clutch plate was clean and measured as new with a Caliper.

All totaled the repair cost $1200. Not terrific, but it's much better than it might have been.
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Re: Oil leak at rear of engine

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There is another route to consider when an "Out of Warranty" repair is required. If your bike has a good BMW Dealer service history you should ask your dealer to approach BMW about a goodwill "Out of Warranty" repair. I have had two out of warranty repairs  carried out with a considerable cost contribution from BMW. The last being replacement of the Fuel Tank Level Sender Ribbon on our previous RT. Cost to me was about £130. It does mention this somewhere in the Rider's Manual. See page 144. (For generous treatment of claims submitted after the warranty has expired, evidence of regular maintenance is essential".
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Re: Oil leak at rear of engine

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Looking at the repair cost, and it's about the same in UK extended warranty would seem to be a sensible choice. I had it once but sold the bike before I had a chance to use it
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