Dealer Fitting Aftermarket (Non-OEM) Parts

Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Dealer Fitting Aftermarket (Non-OEM) Parts

Post by David. »

Having just read a thread about someone possibly getting a BMW Dealer to fit Aftermarket Spot/Driving Lights, an Air Horn & a Fuseblock, it reminded me of the following.

I had a Givi Top Case & Adaptor Plate on my 2007 RT, it got damaged & needed replacing, the Dealers wouldn't fit a Non-OEM Part,
therefore I paid the difference in cost & got the BMW 49L Box.

I know someone who wanted Michelin PR4's on his GS, again the Dealers wouldn't supply & fit them because they were not recommended for that Model.

I have had a Dealer fit an Autocom & Garmin Sat. Nav. equipment.

What are your experiences when asking a Dealer to fit Non-OEM Parts.
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Re: Dealer Fitting Aftermarket (Non-OEM) Parts

Post by richardbd »

Bahnstormers in Alton fitted my autocom, no questions, no issues - great service...

Re: Dealer Fitting Aftermarket (Non-OEM) Parts

Post by guest2360 »

Most dealers will not fit after market parts as in most cases none of fits perfectly and with lighting especially the time it takes would not justify using a BMW technician.  Many enlightened dealers stock Autocom as there is no equivalent BMW wired system. They therefore have no problem with it unless of course they are trying to sell you £1200.00 worth of System 6 helmets and Bluetooth  . 
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