Going on a touring trip? please tell us all about it. Or do you have questions on touring feel free to ask away.
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Wandering on the internet while my wife watched Michael Portillo :? I came across this, which appears to be a visa waiver for entering Europe. From filling in their form it definitely looks like we’ll need one for next years trip.It costs 7 Euro and lasts for 3 years. However it has now been postponed until June 2024, there is an opportunity to receive updates on the form

Here’s a few cut/paste from the page below but links to the whole thing -

ETIAS Application

Travellers that are currently able to visit EU Schengen countries without a visa, will not need to apply for ETIAS until 2024. However, other travellers requiring a Schengen Visa to visit Europe for tourism, business or transit purposes will be unaffected by ETIAS.

What Is ETIAS?

ETIAS stands for the European Travel Information and Authorization System, a travel security program. Based on its American equivalent ETAS, ETIAS conducts background checks on applicants to identify potential security risks entering Europe’s external borders.

Utilizing criminal records and security databases from European criminal justice institutions Europol and Interpol, the ETIAS creates a security network that keeps European citizens and visitors safe.

The ETIAS is an electronic visa waiver for citizens of select visa-exempt countries; it is not a visa. Meeting ETIAS requirements means you do not need a visa to enter participating nations. If you do not have an approved ETIAS travel authorization or do not qualify for ETIAS enrollment, you can still acquire a Schengen visa to visit.

Why Was ETIAS Created?

Effective border security requires collaboration between different European countries. The ETIAS promotes a cohesive border security policy between participating European nations by creating a single travel authorization system.

Travel between Schengen Area countries may not require border checks. The ETIAS utilizes a unified authorization system for international travellers entering the Schengen Zone, ensuring stronger European border control.

To create a safer travel environment, select visa-free travellers may be required to fill out an ETIAS application form to enter to mitigate potential security, health, and migration risks.

Having filled in their form it came back with the UK needs an ETIAS

What Will I Be Asked On The ETIAS Application Form?

As a pre-screening check, the ETIAS online application form will ask for basic personal details to establish your identity.

This will include:

Valid passport / Travel document information
Full name
Current address
Citizenship status
Preferred gender
Dual citizenship status
Email address
Telephone number
Date of birth
Final destination member state
Educational background
Occupational background
The ETIAS application form may also inquire about:

Criminal history
Past incarceration
Felon status
Travel to conflict areas
Past European travel
Drug use
How Much Does It Cost To Fill Out An ETIAS Application Form?

The ETIAS application process requires an application fee of seven euros. Payment is required to complete the application process; ETIAS will only accept electronic payments from your debit or credit card.

Once payment is completed, you may receive your approval status in minutes. Your ETIAS visa waiver will be valid for three consecutive years if approved.
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