Cruise control switch problem

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Cruise control switch problem

Post by Rusty »

Hello all

After working fine previously, the cruise control switch on my 2011 RT has developed an intermittent fault. Essentially; sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. There's no real pattern to it, like the weather etc. I've sprayed the gaps at the edge of the button several times with electrical cleaner, then some WD40, but it's still very unpredictable whether it works or not.

Does anybody have any suggestions of the cause and possible remedies?

Many thanks
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Re: Cruise control switch problem

Post by sakm »

It may not be the cruise switch

It maybe your clutch switch so have a look at that too
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Re: Cruise control switch problem

Post by Doctor T »

If it's like my 07 bike the CC cables are often overlooked on services. I had to change mine as the inner cables had frayed. The clutch switch is your best bet to start with
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