Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Post by onechriswood »

Good afternoon folks. I've read a few threads about fitting an aftermarket sat-nav to the dash of the RT. There's various bits and bobs around fitting the sat-nav to the rotary wheel and there were some more words written around having some sort of metal plate installed behind the sat-nav. Basically what I'm hoping for from this post is tapping into our great hive mind to try and find out...
1- Whether placing an aftermarket sat-nav on the dash is a good idea
2- If so what is the best sat-navs others have used
3- What are the best value sat-navs
4- Which ones to avoid
5- Obviously how to do it
6- Consideration of using phones and apps etc

Thanks in advance and if anyone can point to threads that cover most of these questions I'd be grateful for all support
-Chris, Sheffield, England, UK :-D
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Re: Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Post by Steve398 »

This is a frequent subject that regularly appears on the forum, so if you use the search button you’ll find lots of posts to read through and some may answer your questions.

I bought a 2018 1200RT about 3 years ago and initially used a Garmin Nav5, but very quickly changed it for a Tomtom which I personally found far better, it can be fitted into the same location point with an adapter and looks OEM, but does not incorporate with the Wonderwheel.
However if you have a TFT display on your bike (I don’t know when they came in) I understand you can still fit a dedicated sat-nav device as well.
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Re: Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Post by exportman »

I have a 1250RT with TFT and I still use my TomTom 550. The TFT has got better but it can still drop out unexpectedly sometimes it will give directions and no map other times nothing at all. My TT is attached above the TFT with a ram mount stuck to the top of the screen with 3M VHB tape
Been there for over 12 months no issues.

I have not connected the tomtom to my phone or helmet so if the TFT stops working I need to check the Tomtom screen or turn up the volume on it
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Re: Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Post by jesim1 »

I have just come back from an almost 3000 mile trek through Spain/Portugal, and the BMW one only dropped out once, and that was in remote mountains. I'll just keep using it as once you get used to it it's better then you may initially think, although I still agree BMW have dropped a clanger and it should automatically connect, or have car play. It's also a pain that with the sat nav in full screen it is considerably smaller the the actual TFT, they could simply change all the riding info to the right of the screen and let the sat nave expand more. It's also has just about a second or two of lag, which is a pain on some roundabouts as your past the turn before it notices :roll:

So it's ok, but not as good as it could be, and software updates could sort it, so come on BMW, get stuff like this sorted on what is supposed to be a premium tourer, there should not be threads with people asking for aftermarket sat navs on these :oops:

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Re: Aftermarket sat-nav for UK RT1250

Post by Darkswede »

Following this thread. I've been happy with my Garmin Zumo XT on my 2006 F650GS for my adventures rides and I'm used to it and like how i can download routes to it. Would like to see how people mount the Garmin ABOVE the TFT screen on a 2022 1250RT.
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