RT LC - Ipod dropping out issues?

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RT LC - Ipod dropping out issues?

Post by SteveB66 »

This is my first post and its to see if I can get some help and advice on why my Ipod will play a few songs from its library either through my headset or via the loudspeakers and will then freeze and stop playing. The message on the dash says no USB and when I stop and look at the Ipod it has locked up. iF i FORCE REBOOT THE iPOD AND THEN RECONNECT IT ALL IS FINE UNTIL IT HAPPENS AGAIN AFTER A FEW SONGS.

I have a brand new RT 1200 LC LE model.

I spoke to the dealer and they said check you have the latest firmware from Apple which I do. They then suggested converting my entire library of 5500 songs to MP3 format. This will be a very long process and seems draconian as the manual clearly says the built in player supports Both MP3 and Apple Ipods of a certain generation and I checked mine met the criteria before purchasing the bike.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Re: RT LC - Ipod dropping out issues?

Post by richardbd »

I had the same problem Steve.  The dealer was useless.

In the end, I caved in, converted a bunch of tunes to MP3, put it on a USB stick and use that instead.  It works perfectly.

Just another example of some of the electronic stuff on the RT not being properly sorted and the riders being used as Beta testers I'm afraid...

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