Side Stand Enlarger

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Re: Side Stand Foot Enlarger

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A gotta have accessory.  Until you've seen a bike stand sink into too-soft asphalt you may not believe it.  It's also great in sandy, pea-gravel, and sometimes even mud.

Be aware ---- even on level ground, it WILL make your bike more vertical.  The inside edge of the new foot will make contact with the ground before the factory one would --- thus bike is more vertical.  This will affect how your angle your bike on different hills, parking lots, streetside/curb parking, etc.  On my R1200RTs, previous 1200GS, and my K1600GT, I actually have to park them facing oncoming traffic in some curbside parking, just to get even a little proper lean.

Here's a pretty good selection
Twisted Throttle and BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco also have a great selection.  Die-hards say you don't need it, but they also ride bikes with no windshields in the rain.  Me? --- Gotta have a side-stand foot, and a windshield up in certain weather.

That said, it sure beats forgetting to pick up the steel plate you might carry instead.  Hope this helps.
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Re: Side Stand Foot Enlarger

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NoVaBob wrote:That said, it sure beats forgetting to pick up the steel plate you might carry instead.
Parking Guidelines at Hotel Zur Post, Klotten in Germany.

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