Weather protection

Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Re: Weather protection

Post by 7vwh »

I know my heels keep hitting the front of the panniers on the work bike when i'm riding, which could support my theory.
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Re: Weather protection

Post by SweRT »

Long since last time but this seems next to: “same same but different” :o
The season is over this time, but the modifications have anyhow worked fine for us, also during the rainy tours ;)
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Re: Weather protection

Post by jimmer137 »

Just had the chance to ride today with the additional weather protection fitted, it was 2 degrees and raining with salt all over the roads. Have posted some before and after pics and as you can see, the parts are very effective - bottom of the bike is filthy but my legs and boots were absolutely clean including my toes so what more can I say apart from it took me over an hour to hose the bike down and wash it!
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Re: Weather protection

Post by BeeJay »

I'm struggling to find the list of parts for "protection kit".
My dealer is unable to find anything and I remember that someone posted the complete list as it is not a "complete" part.

Re: Weather protection

Post by guest2360 »

Page one of this thread fourth post give you the link to Real OEM showing all the bits.  It doesn't come as a kit.  If you dealer can't find it in his system he needs a good kicking.
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