How Many Use A Camera When Riding

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Re: How Many Use A Camera When Riding

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Budman wrote: My prayers go out to you and your fellow countrymen and women. Hopefully peace will return to your county soon. 

I Budman I have only just read your reasons for your good wishes thank you very much it was very thoughtful. I live about 5hours ride from Paris and was not aware of what was happening in the world as I am in my own little world down here in the southwest. I am ex mil of thirty years and have had my fill of terrorist and extremists and bad news, but I suppose the smaller the world is getting and the less restrictions on border control the more we can expect it happening.

Good answers here on uses and maintenance of action cameras, but it is a little frightening reading about their unreliability I bought it for the bike and my trip to Oz and Singapore hope it doesn't break down over there >:( to save any confusion I am not riding to the above just a three week break.
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