Serious lack of tie points on RT2014

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Re: Serious lack of tie points on RT2014

Post by David. »

I do prefer the looks of the RT, particularly the Twin Cam with it's more wrap around body panels over the RT LC & the GS/GSA.

Having said that, all bikes have their appeal, place & function, etc.

The GS/GSA is certainly more practical for some folks, 19" dia. Front Wheel, longer travel F & R Suspension, plus longer Wheel Base & Luggage carrying capacity can be useful.

We were in Spain last year, I was 2-up on my Twin Cam & another guy was Solo on his GS LC.
He rode down some roads which were just not comfortable on the RT, particularly with a Pillion.
Had I been Solo, I would have probably done the same roads.
He had the rear seat removed & used a stuff sack plus top case, again, more practical than having to consider the width of panniers.

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