Lowered Foot Pegs

Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Re: Lowered Foot Pegs

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Thanks stelyn,

From experience (been riding since a kid on mini-bikes growing up in Southern California), I find most people tend to buy bikes that fall into their hands from friends as a great deal that can't be passed up, or because the bike evokes an image they want to be part of, or because it just calls out to them in some other way, be it on the road screaming along or thumping down a backwoods country lane. When does being able to touch the ground have anything to do with it, lol? My point being, most posts I see - people value seat comfort (on touring bikes) over flat-footedness, and universally, the low seat option is called a piece of cardboard.

I did check out the configurator online and ignored it because I sat on an R1200RT at the dealer and didn't realize it was the low seat option, lol. Thought it was standard seat in low position, haha. And thus, like many others, we know we can tweak things - custom seat, change of pegs, thicker boots, or for some, lower frames.

By myself I do not have a problem with balance and ride  of bike. But it has been a long time since I carried someone else and like the extra assurance of being flat-footed at a stop if they lean a bit to the side to check something out :)

Appreciate your thoughts  ...

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Re: Lowered Foot Pegs

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Hi Zombeezy,  I have both the standard seat which I normally use and the `low version',  which I tend to swop over when touring with the `wife' on the back.    With the low version I can `flat foot' and I feel the bike is therefore more stable, especially with fully loaded luggage & pillion, so I can understand your views with balance.    Still  enjoy that `RT' ,  I'm sure with time you will adapt to it  OK....... ;)
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Re: Lowered Foot Pegs

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stelyn, that is actually a very good suggestion to swap out to a low version when riding pillion! But I am pretty certain at some point I will be getting custom seat anyway.

I'm part-way through the Iliumworks bar back install right now. I have posed a question to them since I didn't see it addressed anywhere in that they seem to raise the handlebars more than bring them back.
The video says to "roll the bar back around until it follows the angle of the lower portion of the casting" and never shows really adjusting after that other than ensuring cables don't bind. From this position, I can still move them down and forward a bit more but maybe I am overlooking something. Every bit forward helps, lol.

After the bar back installs, I will see how my riding and at-a-stop positions minimally change, and will likely try one or two of the footpegs options (depending on  success) as the months and miles roll by before I weigh in on the seat.

Does make me think I should have gotten the low seat version because it would have worked best for now. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out for one as another of several options. :)
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Re: Lowered Foot Pegs

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Zombeezy wrote: Hi folks!

New to forum :)

Three weeks old 2015 San Marino Blue RT, still waiting for top box to be painted. Regular stock seat, lowest position.

With 30 inch inseam, my left foot is flat-footed but right foot I can't put all the way down at the same time, so have been looking at how my legs straddle and have to move around the pegs to touch the ground.

I haven't heard anyone else mention it in all the forum searches, but when my legs go off pegs at stop, I am pretty much right at the tip of the seat at the gas tank, and as I put my feet down, I have to either go in front of the pegs or in back of the pegs. Ideally, they would come right down where the pegs currently are.

So, I am looking at foot peg options less for the lowering them, and more for the tiny amount they can move forward. With the Suburban DL3N kit, it says "Net change is 1.45" down,
0.38" forward, total move 1.5".

It's not much, but I'm doing the Iliumworks Bar backs first to give me a little help (handlebars up and back 1-5/8” - hmm, it really doesn't look like much back at all, more up),because it is a cheap fix first and may help slightly. I think my arm lengths (shirt sleeve 32) forces me to lean forward and have my butt forward, thus I am right where my feet coming down want to be at the pegs. After I install the bar backs, I think I want to try foot pegs change.

I've also seen the MFW Vario Footpeg Mount with 360 mounting options, but doesn't seem to be available for the 2014-15 models.

Also looked at the Iliumworks driver sportboards, but it looks to just be more for my legs to have to go around before putting feet down.

Anyway, thought I'd  throw it out there in case I'm overlooking some options (other than probably ending up with a seat replacement option some day).

Thank you!

I'm only 5'9", so I share the concern over ride height, but my '05 RT had Ilium Works sport boards, and I got used to them very quickly.  The only time it was an issue at all was when having to walk the bike in and out of my parking spots.  I liked them so much, especially the variety of foot positions it gives you, that I've ordered them for my '15 model RT.

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