Locking the Nav5 to the RT...

Having problems with the BMW Navigator V VI or the TFT display?
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Re: Locking the Nav5 to the RT...

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Sullivj wrote: My Sena headset was £100.  It plays music from my phone and has a built in radio. 

Simple, but effective.

So does my Scala Packtalk, but the quality and ease of using the audio system is a lot better than using my phone. For one, you can't control the music coming from the phone easily and playing music drains the phone battery quickly. Guess I could plug the phone into the bike to charge. I didn't pay for my audio, it came with the bike. Whether I would pay for the audio on a new bike, I'm not sure, but I do quite like it.
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Re: Locking the Nav5 to the RT...

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richardbd wrote: It's all about saleability when you want to change.
In the second-hand market, an RT without audio is about as desirable as a Jag with velour seats and a manual gear box. Somebody chose it - but WHY??
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No it isn't, most R1200RT's we sell don't have audio. Most K1600GTs however do have radio. Not sure why it's just the difference between customers I guess.

£1000 is a lot of money to spend on a radio, yes you get updates but the smartphone app does that and more and costs a lot less than a £1000
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Re: Locking the Nav5 to the RT...

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Getting back to the OP's original question.  I just found this thread and I don't have time to read 6 pages of posts. Has anybody mentioned "http://www.oldtimers.si/en/navi-central ... -2014.html"?
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