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Re: New seat - options

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p400 wrote: I believe with the RDL, that the added seat side bolsters reduce your ability to reach the ground by 1.5-2.0 .....this is not an increase in seat height or change in rider position.
But maybe there is some minimum height on an RDL......and this RDL height is not allowing a low position
Day-Long Saddle
The Day-Long Touring Saddle is a motorcycle seating system specifically designed for driver and passenger comfort, incorporating our patented Support Suspension System. Each motorcycle seat, or Saddle, is individually made to be the perfect seat between person and machine, according to your personal physical requirements.
Your Day-Long Touring Saddle is built especially to fit your particular driver/passenger combination. We use your height, weight and inseam measurements along with photos of you and your passenger seated on your old motorcycle seat. With this information we can determine the proper size and shape of your motorcycle seat, and position it forward, rearward, or higher as needed to accommodate your size, build and posture for maximum comfort. Adding our support suspension system to your seat does affect your reach to the ground and you normally lose 1 1/2 to 2″ of ground reach.

Re: New seat - options
In this image from their website, there doesn't seem to be much added height to me, which is why I originally inquired.
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