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General discussion of the BMW R1200RT/R1250RT
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Re: Thank you

Post by Chad »

It seems incredible that the flagship bike with such an impressive 6 cylinder motor can be let down with things like a poor drivetrain & box. What happened here- did they run out of funds on this project or put the apprentice engineers on it? BMW must have known it wasn't right. But they seem to have a bit of a habit of marketing cars & bikes when they know they aren't as fit for purpose as they should be. Clearly it's the accountants in charge not the engineers.
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Re: Thank you

Post by Steveeung »

I made exactly the same journey I.e. To K1600 to RTLE and, like RT man, had tried the 2012/13 RT (the current model at the time) and didn't like it at all (compared to the Ducati Multistrada I owned back then ... I took my wife to Germany on the Multi and we got battered by bad weather so I needed a change to a proper tourer, hence the trial of the RT).

I went for a K1600 GTL (seduced by the comfort and raw power) and had it for nearly two years but never fell in love with it or quite mastered the (top heavy) weight. Also way under geared for me - got into 6th by about 40 MPH due to all the torque. Must admit, the clack on the gearbox was minimal on mine. Anyway, after reading all the reports on the new LC I gave it a try a few months back and it was a revelation. Most of the good bits of the K1600 (comfort and technology) combined with handling on a par with the Multistrada... and better weather protection ... and light years ahead of the previous RF. The LE is a truly great bike and would NEVER go back to the 1600.
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One week on.....

Post by Mark05RT »

.....with a few hundred miles under the wheels of the 2010 TC, I'm really enjoying it and have now planned my trip to the Alpes later this month.....striking French shirkers permitting of course!

Positives are clearly positional comfort and handling....that first ride back from over the Cat and Fiddle was a hoot!

Thus far, nothing of concern.

Going to treat her to an interim oil and filter says it's fine but, 18 months, 250 miles and several months sat in a dealers showroom since it was last done says 'change it!'... and yes, sticking with Castrol recommendation.

Will be fitting some engine covers and oil cooler guard over the coming week, so will probabably chucks an air filter in to, while the body work is off!.... and a stainless front engine and cover bolt set!

Also on the lookout for a top box too! ..... and it's beginning to irritate her indoors, all these little extra bits and bobs!

Oh the joys of a new bike!

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Re: Thank you

Post by MEM62 »

Kate and I had the K16 demo bike from our local dealer for an afternoon last year.  I absolutely loved it!  The engine is awesome and the noise it makes is almost worth the price on it's own.  (Yes, I am a very immature 53-year old)  Although I would not replace my RT with one a modest lottery win would see one alongside the RT in my garage :-) 
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