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Re: Tank Bag Advice

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T6pilot wrote: I went with the wunderlich media bar bag, I really dislike removing things to fuel bike, bag has enough room for glasses, phone and a few other odds and ends
I have the bar bag, but the USB battery pack and cables/charger I have is just to big for it.  I charge the battery from the bike during the day and then charge my phone, Scala and Drift camera from the pack during the night.

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Re: Tank Bag Advice

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mercator1 wrote:
I have the SW-Motech Ion small tank bag with the ring, and the keyless works fine for me.
Hmm. I looked on the sw motech site, and only found rings that stated -"do not work with keyless"

Must have checked the wrong system then, my bad.

But I stick with the sandstorm anyway, great bag.


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