Bridgestone T30 GT

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Re: Bridgestone T30 GT

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Andy Leett wrote:
Surely anything would be twitchy on paint and metal covers
Sure, but I've done a lot of miles on this bike on various makes of tyre and ridden over a lot of paint, I guess what I'm saying is that these tyres didn't give me the same level of confidence in the wet on this bike as say 023s, Road Angels or PR3s (haven't tried the PR4s yet).

Maybe it's just me - anyway they are wearing well so they will be on the bike for a while yet.
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Andy Leett
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Re: Bridgestone T30 GT

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It was a wet and windy morning yesterday, so took the bike out to see how the T30 GT's would perform in these conditions, absolutely fine, no drama, I personally have full confidence in these tyres, both wet and dry.
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Re: Bridgestone T30 GT

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Getting ready to remove my T 30's. Over 6,000 miles on the rear, around 11,000 miles on the front. The rear has another 1000 miles at least, the front easily 1500-2000 miles. Going on a 4000+ mile trip soon. These are very, very good tires. I have high confidence in wet conditions, even when applying power in lower gears. Very stable in a straight line, the Continentals that came on the RT were nervous all the time. These tires are quite good when running to the edge ( no chicken strips ). Don't seem to squiggle like PR4's when pushing in turns and under hard braking.
New set of T 30 EVO's waiting to be fitted. Wasn't sure what to think of them when reading Bridgestone propaganda. Didn't want to give up mileage for wet traction, found wet traction quite good anyway. Not positive, but the rear tire might have deeper tread than the old T 30. The T 30 EVO is advertised as having a bold new tread pattern! Seems that the GT versions like I use.......have exactly the same tread pattern as the old T 30!
I will know after this trip if the EVO version is an improvement. Or not.
Here in the States the T 30 EVO front and rear are $225 US delivered. PR4's are around $330 delivered. I would still buy the T 30 if it were the same price as the PR4!
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