Tapping into brake light

Got any questions about the BMW's R1200RT/R1250RT's onboard audio, Bluetooth or the Electrical system?
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Re: Tapping into brake light

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pbooher wrote: Thanks for the reply.  Where did you tap in for the brake light?  Did you use a relay to activate the brake light or tap directly into one of the existing brake light wires?
I can't say.  The physical connections were made by the dealer when they mounted the fuse block, airhorn and driving lights.  I wired the case and they wired the female end of the connector to the fuse block and brake light. Not sure exactly where they tapped into it, and it's all mounted back in the cavity near the luggage rack, so I can't see it.
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Re: Tapping into brake light

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I had the same challenge earlier this year, wanted to use the LED brake light, but did not have central locking, so nothing to plug into.  I ended up buying a kit from clearwater lights that plugs into the CANbus via the TPS monitor. It was about $200, but does not require you to tap into the wiring harness, a big plus since BMW considers that a warranty violation.

This thread has all the details.  /viewtopic.php?t=2
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