Touratech Engine Guards Installed

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Re: Touratech Engine Guards Installed

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Correct. Even though the fixing holes are in the block the panels are in the way. 
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Re: Touratech Engine Guards Installed

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Bought my 2011 TC with Touratech bars fitted. I think they look ok in stainless, not so sure about any other sort. I wouldn't have bought them myself @ £317 but I won't be taking them off either.

richardbd wrote:riding round on a bike that looks sleek,

Could do with a loan of your rose tinted goggles. The RT is no ugly duckling but I think 'sleek' is laying it on a bit, IMO of course.

Yer pays yer money .............

Regarding damage that may be caused. Is it the consensus that the Insurance companies would take a view as to whether engine bars were fitted or not, and could have added to damage caused, even if notified as a 'mod'.
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Re: Touratech Engine Guards Installed

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RTman10 wrote: With no protection the gear and brake peddles don't touch down in a drop on fiat ground.  If your moving and drop it crash bars can do far more damage than they save by causing damage to casings and sub frames were they attach.  The thing about pannier is they normally touch down near the bottom of the lid.  This can be saved with a £10 bumper strip from Halfords. My logic is, a new lid costs about £90. A bent rear sub frame  that has taken the full weight of the bike through a rear crash bar costs god knows what.

Just got road rash from mine going horizontal at an intersection, and I can tell you that the pannier lid is not [size=1px]£90.  The painted upper section is $418, and the black plastic lower section is $369.  Just had to order them.[/size]
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