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Re: Buying New, Demo or Used RT's

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Steve F wrote: ....what, because the photographer is laughing so hard at the grey blandness, the camera's shaking...!!?? ;)

Its something to do with not being able to get a fast enough shutter speed on the camera, so I'm told 
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Re: Buying New, Demo or Used RT's

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I bought my '05 used with 32000 miles on the odometer.  I liked it very much in the 6000 miles that I put on it, but once I rode the LC, I was destined to trade.  The available power difference with the LC was a draw for me.  Now, do I like the '15 enough to warrant the 3x price difference?  Maybe not, but the '05 had an oil leak that was going to cost me $1700 to repair, and I was afraid that the servos would go out after that, and that would be beyond what I'd be willing to do.  I bought the LC with the idea that it might be a bike that, at 55, might last me most of my remaining riding life.  I would like to have a Diavel before I'm too old to handle it, though.
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Re: Buying New, Demo or Used RT's

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I bought my 2015 LE LC from Park Lane BMW, six months old with top box and high level brake light, fog lights fitted and the nav unit in its box. The bike should have been £19500, but i bought mine for just under £15k with 5 (yes five) miles on the clock!  A cool saving of nearly £4.5k just because the bike was pre registered. The thing is that Park Lane BMW is not a franchise and can discount bikes unlike the rest of the dealers.
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