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Most "Comfortable" Tyre ?

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:03 pm
by Our Gee
Sorry to start yet another tyre thread but I have never yet seen any discussions on tyre comfort. All other aspects are covered in detail. Wet Grip. Dry Grip, Mileage Achieved, Handling etc etc. Having been on BMW's for the past 15 years or so one thing I have noticed is that in my opinion the suspension is not the most compliant out there, especially the front. So in that respect and bearing in mind the atrocious state of UK road surfaces one factor which is important to me when choosing tyres is a nice compliant and smooth ride. In my own experience I have found Continental Road Attack to be very good, in fact they are my favourite tyres. However, the lovely ride does seem to come at the expense of mileage which to me indicates a soft compound. I would be interested if others can give opinions and comparisons as far as a nice comfy ride is concerned.
(Sorry, just realised this should be in the dedicated "Tyres" section.)