heated gear to powerlet

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Re: heated gear to powerlet

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Hi there. Sorry to revive that hold thread but it matched my question so closely I tought it would be a perfect starting point.

I have a RT 2016 and want to use the original power socket at the back for the heated gear of my lovely one. I've read in my manual that it is rated at 10 amps but when I go above half power, the canbus shuts it off. I've tested the gear at full power on my bench power supply and it takes 7.5 amps when full and around 4 amps where the canbus shuts it down... I don't have any other equipment drawing current (lights, gps, external stuff)

Is it "a total of 10 amps for all socket" so 5 amps per said socket (since my motorcycle has 2)? I'm seriously thinking of going the hard wired route directly to the battery (with a fuse) but I liked the idea of using the well placed socket and the automatically turn off feature.

Thanks for any idea you have.

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