Rear Chevron Markings

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Re: Rear Chevron Markings

Post by richardbd »

... I really don't give a monkeys what the TOSSER behind me thinks...

another UKGSer subscriber?

;) ;)
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Re: Rear Chevron Markings

Post by Crater »

At least we think about visibility and accident avoidance. I've just come home. It's wet and it's getting dark outside. I've just driven down the lane to the house and passed a young man on a push bike, no lights, headphones on and hoody up. I despair. One for the Darwin Prize?
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Re: Rear Chevron Markings

Post by BMjoe64 »

RTman10 wrote: I reckon high vis clothing is the way to go.  I use a BMW Airshell jacket all year round. Only once when waiting on a closed road did a motorist coming the other way shout "when are you lot going to open the road"

I sometimes use a Heine Gerick hi viz jacket and a white helmet, particularly during gloomier winter months - am absolutely sure the combination increases my visibility and gets more than a second look for exactly the reason you mention. Will be interesting to see what reaction there is from forum members to talk of hi viz full banana gear - hopefully it will be more measured on a BMW RT forum than on many other bike forums where it is often lambasted by the "if they don't see me headlight..." brigade.
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Re: Rear Chevron Markings

Post by David. »

DaygloDavid wrote:When stationary & in neutral, I've got into the habit of showing a brake light, to help me be more visible from the rear.

(The Instructor isn't showing a Brake Light & has both feet on the ground.)
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