connecting nav V to bike ,it wants pin # ??

Having problems with the BMW Navigator V VI or the TFT display?
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Re: connecting nav V to bike ,it wants pin # ??

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RTman10 wrote: If the speakers are switched off you won't hear anything. Sit outside on your drive and work through the audio menu until you get sound out. Switch off the Bluetooth, that only connects to a headset which you haven't got. Pair your phone to the Nav V.

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Re: connecting nav V to bike ,it wants pin # ??

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Turboman. I have the Nav V.  It's top gear stuff.  Don't be put off by Richard, he seems to have a fetish for early 21st century GPS technology [emoji13] Insidently with all the papers you got with the bike there should be a small folded up booklet thing that leads you through all the audio settings as well as the rest of the bike. Much easier to understand than the handbook.

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