Enough is enough

Looking for Aftermarket parts and Accessories for your BMW R1200RT/R1250RT or found something useful you want to share? Or just a general question?
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Re: Enough is enough

Post by Graham88 »

I will try to articulate some of the positives of leaving (because there are pro's and con's to both sides of the argument). Firstly, 'reciprocal' health care benefits is a bit misleading, borderline plain wrong.. You actually get only what the nationals of the host country are entitled to, while the NHS has a reasonably high level of care and very low level of cost (universally free), other countries on the bloc are not so generous, so while the UK provides to European nationals, UK citizens are charged in some countries. An unavoidable consequence of the aforementioned reasoning, in conjunction with the freedom of travel you allude to as well as other non European-universal benefits such as the minimum wage and other employment rights mean that the UK is an attractive destination for migrants and that makes the UK a net importer of unskilled labour which does not improve the GDP of the country at any significant level. This means the same resources are being shared amongst a greater number of people and being diluted as a result; one only has to look at the NHS today and compare it to a few decades ago to see this effect in action. Once you begin to factor in the watering down of the services we all pay for, but continue to push the costs up, the amounted contributed per capita is anything but 'tiny'.

I agree that the freedom to move between countries is valuable, but the conditions imposed on us diminish the value significantly.
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Re: Enough is enough

Post by Hivee »

And I thought I had problems. :alas:
So far on my 2019 R 1250 RT I have;
- Full Ozishield paint protection film including factory top case;
- Wunderlich sidestand extender plate;
- Gear shift lever peg Enlarger;
- Enlarger rear brake pedal plate;- front fender extender;- Sat Nav central locking kit; and
- integrated top box brake light.

Going on shortly:
- HP billet Valve cam covers,
- HP billet engine cover;
- HP billet clutch and brake reservoir cover;
- HP billet clutch and brake levers; and
- Engine and pannier protection bars

I will need to find a solution to my heated vest soon though as I believe the factory 12v sockets may not be man enough.

I think I will slow down after these purchases, but never say never.

My wife is demanding compensation. I have no clue why.................
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Re: Enough is enough

Post by R2K »

If you have a battery charging cable (such as a battery tender cable) attached to the battery you can get an adapter to fit it for your heated gear.  Just put in the fuse value needed.

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Re: Enough is enough

Post by BoB21 »

Can use upto 10 amps across both din sockets gerbing jacket runs 6.5 amp on max. Will work fine from socket.
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