Open face helmet ...?

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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by k9doc »

Sounds like a fun day's ride.  :-\

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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by mack62 »

I ride with a Nolan N43 air.  It is a modular helmet, likely not as safe as a full helmet but I like it for the increased visibility and it is relatively cool in the summer.
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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by juniorswailing »

This happened to me.

Luckily I didn't have the visor up.

We have huge seagulls here!!
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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by Steve F »

Uugh!! Just imagine an open-face helmet!! ;)
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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by Vince Prince »

I've just bought a Shark Evo One. It transforms from a full face type, to a jet type easily. May well be the way forward for those who want the convenience of both styles in one helmet. Seems well made, not quite as sumptuous as my Arai, but its nearly two hundred quid cheaper.
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Re: Open face helmet ...?

Post by Head02 »

Up to 60 Miles per hour you van ride with open helmet.
Last year we made a Tour in Italy (driving to Amalfi coast ) with 38 degrees Celsius, i was very happy wearing THE Schuberth C3 helmet so one can choose (close or open
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