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Thank you to all for the warm welcome!

I drove to Dallas yesterday to pick up the new RT. Left home at 04:00 and drove through a driving rain with the GTL tied down on a trailer praying all the way there would be no hail which we have had an abundance of recently... Much lightening and wind, but thankfully no hail. The GTL arrived at European Cycle Sports of Plano, TX a little wet, but unharmed. Despite a blowing mist, I enjoyed a 20 minute pre-purchase ride while the GTL underwent inspection. I think I'm really going to enjoy the RT. It is noticeably lighter moving in and out of the garage and at slow speed. I've found it quite nimble in a turn, while acceleration in Dynamic mode is very respectable. Also, it goes on and off the center stand much more easily than the GTL.

I replaced the original Metzler Z8's on the GTL with PR3 GT's and have been hoping the reports I've read indicating the '16 RT's ship with the Michelin's proved to be true. I was ecstatic to find the RT fitted with Michelin PR4 GT's.

The GTL passed inspection and the deal was completed without problem. Thankfully, the RT enjoyed a dry ride home as the front had departed my return route.

Finally I understand "Root Beer". I haven't seen it in bright sunlight until today...
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