0-4000rpm PING

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Re: 0-4000rpm PING

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I've got 6345 miles on my 16rt. Haven't heard a ping yet. Florida premium is labeled at 93, you California folks must have your reasons for the 91 rating. I have always clutched between 1st & 2nd, but after that its speed shifter both ways. As to low revs in lower gears, I will assume heavy traffic. Don't hesitate to hold 1st for a bit longer. Lack of forward motion just makes it sound louder, which like most of us, gives us that audible shift cue. Let it wind out a bit, you won't hurt it. Using the clutch into 2nd allows you to control the smoothness.  You may want to try adding octane booster to a tank and see if that helps. 91 is at the bottom of the "premium" scale and that is before the addition of ethanol. You may want to give BMW North America a call to ask about a CA specific fuel map that will keep you in warranty. If there are fueling issues; they already know.
By the way, the shift light can be turned off in the vehicle settings menu. I never turned mine on.
Good luck, stay safe.
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