Ferry crossing

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Re: Ferry crossing

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I made up my own “ferry tie downs” a few years ago for our Hexhead and now have the same ones on our Twincam. I did post pictures on a now defunct website (think it was BM Rider). Briefly they consisted of inch wide nylon strapping loops secured to the frame top tubing adjacent to the battery then poked out between the front and rear fairing panels. The loops protrude about 4 inches. The bike is positioned according to the Ferry deck loops in gear and steering locked and my own Friction Lock straps are passed through the protruding loops. I usually position the “protruding loops” prior to leaving home for the ferry and pull them back through thr fairing gap at a convenient stop after disembarking. They work brilliantly and have never failed, no damaged seat to worry about and un-necessary strain on the fork legs. Blimey, just realised that I have already posted most of the above details on a previous occasion. There is a bit more detail in this post so I’ll leave it as it is.
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