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2005-2009 model - service

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:36 am
by Stratman
I just thought I'd add a post as I have done a service on my 2007 R1200RT - engine oil/filter, gearbox oil, final drive oil and splines, air filter, alternator belt, valve gaps and new plugs. Once all the bodywork was off it was much simpler than I had envisaged and I'm pleased I did it all myself. The only things I needed which I didn't have were a 34mm socket for the crankshaft nut and the plug lead/coil puller tool, but now I do.
Very easy to work on and the quality of the plastics and fittings really shows, especially on a 2007 bike with 29,000 miles compared to the Yamaha I had previously.