Almost a done deal - just a few more questions while I wait...

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Almost a done deal - just a few more questions while I wait...

Post by Methos1979 »

So it looks like the deal is going to happen. The wife and I took the RT on a much longer ride and confirmed that we definitely love the bike and the knee angle will not be a problem for me. So I now have a Purchase and Sale Agreement for the new RT, trading in my HD CVO. I'll the bank tomorrow to get that ball rolling and the plan right now is to pick the bike up on Friday.

While the two-hour test ride did confirm the knee was not going to be a problem a couple other things became clear. The skinny grips also did not seem to bother me a much. I think this was because I found myself using the cruise control a LOT. I'm used to using CC as I have it on the Harley but I don't us it as often.

It's clear that the stock windshield has to go and I'm going try the Quiet Ride offering as from all I've read and see it seems like the best for me. I'm currently using a MadStad system on my Harley and that has performed well although the look is not everyone's cup of tea. I'm also planning on putting on a short backrest for the wife. I like the one offered from Sargent so will go with that.

Speaking of Sargent, that brings up the last immediate issue - the stock seat. At just under 5'8" I can flat foot the bike just fine with the stock low BMW seat but it gives up a lot of padding. I was good for an hour before I started to feel a little discomfort and then after a short break we went back out and picked up where I left off. I'm thinking a short term solution would be an Air Hawk since they adds almost nothing to height. But a more permanent solution would be obviously more desirable. I know most of the usual players in aftermarket seats but have two questions for those that have gone the aftermarket route:

Do these makers offer low seats similar and if they do how do they compare with the BMW in terms of height and also in terms of (better) comfort?

Any feedback from shorter riders is greatly appreciated.

We were all set to go with the Platinum Bronze model but saw an Ebony Metallic at the last minute that made us change our mind. Looking forward to some serious riding on the new machine very soon.
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Re: Almost a done deal - just a few more questions while I wait...

Post by T6pilot »

Grip buddies or grip puppies solve the skinny grip problem
Quite ride fixes the lacking BMW shield in the rain
Front fender extender, various brands, saves the front of engine case
Photon blasters in front and P3's in rear make you much more visible
I'll add replacing the wanky BMW antenna with a shorter one makes the bike look better
That should keep you busy on a rainy day
Enjoy the ride
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Re: Almost a done deal - just a few more questions while I wait...

Post by MacJ »

After a 2000 mile ride across Europe I found the skinny grips a problem. I went to my local sports store and bought 2 rolls of racket grip tape ( I used black Dunlop Sports) and carefully wound it onto the grips. Problem solved!
It's very grippy and is also padded in the centre so gives a rippled effect. It doesn't  affect the heated grips either. It cost me £2.97 a roll, I suppose that's around $2.

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