'16 RT: scabby-itis up front

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'16 RT: scabby-itis up front

Post by Sprintgull »

Afternoon All,
Had the running-in service done yesterday and mentioned that the finish on the hub of the front wheel didn't seem to be all it should.  It looks pretty rough and unfinished.  Apparently this is an unfinished part and not supposed to be a nice shiny part.  Apparently the  dealer can get another under warranty, but it may be no better.  Anyone else seen this?

Nice to be able to get all the toys out of the box now that running in is complete.  It does seem to go rather well!  I'm finding it much more fun than the old GT, good though that was, and it just seems to need a lot less effort to have this fun.  Love the quick-shifter, and also find the gearbox to be a lot lighter and smoother than the GT.  The screen seems to be fine (I'm 6' tall) - fully up and I can just about ride with the visor open.  Yes, I could fit a bigger one, but some airflow is good, especially when (like yesterday) it is hot.  Not noticed any real difference running it on high octane against normal unleaded yet either.  The standard fit Metzeler Z8 seem ok, but will probably get ditched in favour of PR4s come the day.  Interestingly my tyre supplier thinks they are 'old' Z8s, so maybe the factory tyre selection is governed by which tyre maker has too much stock to shift and will do a good deal.  Cornering seems a lot more assured too; does it ever lean!  Feels like the mirrors are about to touch down.

Downsides?  No 88$*@! lock for the satnav, seat seems a bit hard.  Anyone got any seat recommendations?  Height's fine as it is, but I do seem to slide forward a bit.

PS:  Was reasonably reassured to see a bike the same as mine outside the dealer which had been down the road on it side.  Damage looked pretty much confined to the head (head protectors would have stopped that, he said smugly), pannier and mirror/indicator.  A little bit of scuffing on the plastics, but all looks fixable.

So 9.8/10.  :be happy:

Re: '16 RT: scabby-itis up front

Post by guest2360 »

Give us a pic of your front wheel,  New Z8?  Sat Nave lock. It's on the left and has central locking on it. I agree with its performance over a 1600.  Fe Les as fast but more fun. As for fuel. They only need normal unleaded and that's what the book recommends.
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