Garmin Basecamp Very Difficult to Use

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Re: Garmin Basecamp Very Difficult to Use

Post by davef1uk »

I went for a bimble and found the shaping point routing better than waypoint.  I deliberately went off route and it recalculated me back on route with no problems.

After all, that is what we want.  Not to go back miles to the waypoint. 

Example of this was on Thursdays Raz out to Wales with Simbo, him using a tom tom rider ...we were detoured due to a road closure, so we took a 2 mile detour, and end of that road it told him to go left ( back to the waypoint ) and on my nav6 told me to turn right to continue journey. 

I will personally use shaping points ( don’t alert ) on all my routing. 
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Re: Garmin Basecamp Very Difficult to Use

Post by David. »

Davef1uk wrote:We were detoured due to a road closure.
Ah, the dreaded "Detour" button, I've never understood how that works, if at all.

From the Sat. Nav. help, "To calculate a new route to avoid something ahead of you, return to the Menu page and touch Detour. The device creates a new route, if possible. The device attempts to get you back on your original route as quickly as possible.

If the route you are currently navigating is the only reasonable option, the device might not calculate a detour."

Given the example above of a road closure, it doesn't sound much use. The only time I've attempted to use it is exactly for this reason.

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