Disc lock.

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Re: Disc lock.

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They could.

They could also turn up with a tail lift vehicle and be gone in under 20 seconds despite most security measures.

It's just a matter of another deterrent along with other visible security.

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Oscar Nelsen
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Re: Disc lock.

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If you are concerned about forgetting to remove a disc lock, not that it ever happened to me, get one with an alarm. I have a Xena that has a shock and motion detector that beeps several warnings then lets loose a 120 dB alarm.
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Re: Disc lock.

Post by Pete1200 »

If I am leaving the bike outside overnight away from home I use a chain around the crossbar of the centre stand, through the front wheel and back. Then I take up the slack by rotating the wheel forward and finishing off by putting a disc lock on between the caliper and the fork leg. It's a right palaver but as awkward for thieves as I can make it. Oh I dangle the disc lock through the fairing from the curly that is attached to the brake line by the ignition switch with a £1 shop carabiner.
I once had to move a Honda 90 with centre stand seized down and it was a right pig.
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Re: Disc lock.

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I think I'd be a bit concerned about squeezing the brake seals for an extended period of time.
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Re: Disc lock.

Post by Sullivj »

If I'm leaving the bike for a prolonged period, I ALWAYS... Take the key out!

It's insured after all.
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Re: Disc lock.

Post by RTBoy »

blokeonthemove wrote: I think I'd be a bit concerned about squeezing the brake seals for an extended period of time.
Exactly what I thought!!
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Re: Disc lock.

Post by gogs01 »

RTBoy wrote: Exactly what I thought!!
Not sure why you would be concerned - the system is rated to enormous pressure, and the pressure applied by the throttlelock is nowhere near maximum.  I certainly don't worry about having it on for short / medium periods.
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