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Many firms produce vented gear that has the effect of lowering the air temperature before it hits you.  The BMW Aurflow suit is one of these which is constructed of a material resembling a radiator grill. Much cooler than just a T shirt and you get protection from direct sunlight.  I've used such kit in temperatures above 30 C and stayed comfortable ish.

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Steve F wrote: It's more a compromise between safety and practicality in such hot conditions. I can't vouch for riding in the hot and humid South of the US, but I've ridden in 104 degree heat in the Nevada desert, and anything more than a cotton T shirt on top is just too much to bear!! Admittedly, I also wore armoured jeans, thin leather gloves and some HD boots, along with the good ol' pi*s pot skiAddd lid!

104 in the desert feels like 104.
104 in the southeast feels like 124.
Humidity is a real pain in the neck.

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Re: New 2016 R1200RT report and questions

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RTman10 wrote: He must be covered by that thing they are all talking about. Obama Care.

Not for long...
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