Motor vehicles other than motorcycles

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Re: Motor vehicles other than motorcycles

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At one point I had a go at 'hacking' the software on my 2006 5 series via the ODBII interface. One of the options I played with was the configuration of the DRL. You can set DRL as on or off via the in-car computer but within the software you can decide what constitutes DRL. This included everything from parking lights (which is how I have mine set) through fog lights to the high beams (!?!). There was a separate option to have the tail lights on as part of DRL.

Going from memory the default setting was for the dip lights to be on but not the tail lights.
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Re: Motor vehicles other than motorcycles

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ds99 wrote: misuse of rear fog lights is one of my pet hates
Yep, and it seems to be a particular trait of cars in the middle lane on the motorway.  Am I seeing links where there are none.  (there, that one should stir 'em up)
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Re: Motor vehicles other than motorcycles

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As I understand it this all came about because there is a recent requirement under EU law to have automatic DRL lights, as the average car driver only turns his lights on when he can't see where he's going rather than making sure he can be seen in poor light. Unfortunately the EU messed up (Brexit anyone!!) and so now that driver can see his front lights have come on and assumes the rear ones have as well, which they haven't! Dangerous or what?! I see it every day where I work (Heathrow) and have given up trying to tell drivers that their rear lights aren't on. I normally get a blank look as they race off into the dark!

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Re: Motor vehicles other than motorcycles

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I saw a story on this (in the US) about how people don't realize one of their headlights is out and it came down to three things:  1) DRLs throw enough light on their own 2) cars with fog lights end up taking up the slack and 3) the amount of light thrown by a single light in today's car is much better in some cases, that two headlights on a 1970 or before era car.

So lights are better and people have enough light in front of them with one out that they don't notice.

Of course, if you have a garage that you pull into at night, you'll usually notice right away :-)

Ride safe!
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